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Engage: voted Best Event Management Platform

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D2i Systems won the Best Event Management Platform category at the 2017 Event Technology Awards following the successful launch of their Engage software at Event Tech Live 2016. D2i’s award submission was based upon a case study of their partnership with Messe Frankfurt Middle East.

To solve Messe Frankfurt’s challenges D2i implemented the use of the SmartRegister, E-Net and SmartLead tools to capture pre-show and on-site data that could then be analysed within D2i’s event management platform, providing the detailed level of behavioural intelligence required by the Messe Frankfurt team.

Over 30,000 visitors submitted data regarding 400 products and services they wished to procure at the event via the SmartRegister registration platform. Over 2,000 exhibitors submitted detailed information regarding the products and services were promoting at the event via the E-Net exhibitor portal. D2i’s SmartLead data capture service was then used to record which visitors had interacted with each exhibitor.

Key Benefits

Identifying New Commercial Opportunities: The marketing team could easily identify if certain categories of product and service were of a higher level of interest than stated within the pre-registration process, using this intelligence to help forge the content and marketing promotion to drive pre-registration numbers for the next event whilst targeting communication at exhibitors who provided the produce/service to increase YoY exhibition sales.

Data Intelligence

The intelligence captured was incredible and could be analysed via a unified dashboard to demonstrate the following trends:

  • Whether exhibitors attracted their intended buying audience and the success rate in percentage and numerical terms
  • Whether visitors were successful in finding the exhibitors promoting products & services they wanted to review
  • What products and services visitors sought in comparison to those that they stated were of interest during the pre-registration process; was there a positive or negative correlation?

Re-Bookings: The sales team had access to information that could prove the ROI experienced by exhibitors, helping them to secure re-booking contracts.

Retentions: The sales team could also use the intelligence to help exhibitors who did not attract their intended audience by advising them how they could improve the results of participating at future events (i.e. better messaging, stand design, location(s), pre-event marketing, sales strategy on the stand etc.).

Driving Visitor Attendance: The marketing team used the intelligence to demonstrate how successful pre-event messaging had been in terms of driving the correct visitor groups to the zones/sponsors suitable for servicing their needs.

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