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Messe Frankfurt Middle East

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Messe Frankfurt Middle East.
Private Trade Exhibition Company

By utilising several different data points surrounding an exhibition the D2i technology can produce an average return on investment (ROI) for an organiser to publish a return on investment per exhibitor or visitor. By utilising a centralised database principal the technology allows you to overlay and produce data to prove how effective visitors and exhibitors were at meeting and matching their requirements.


To collect all data in a centralised database to allow Messe Frankfurt ME to overlay data results and drive more intelligence into their business processes and events. By centralising ALL data points into one database better analytic tools can be developed to compare certain key instances within the business and specific events.

Having centralised Messe Frankfurt ME data the first analytic tool to prove a true ROI was developed for Intersec 2017, this tool gave the ability to measure the return on investment by matching both visitors and exhibitors requirements. A true measure of Business 2 Business meeting taking place under an organiser’s event roof!


Messe Frankfurt ME has achieved centralisation of data and a proof of return on investment for exhibitor & visitor.

By carrying out this project and delivering this tool it has proved that centralisation of data and processes does deliver far greater intelligence!


  1. Exhibitor Demographic Matches to Visitor Demographic – 63%
  2. Visitor Demographic Matches – 91%
  3. Exhibitor Demographic Account Matches – 89%
  4. Visitor Demographic Account Matches – 75%

** The above piece of work won D2i Systems the ‘Event Tech Award 2017’ for ‘Best Event Management Platform.’

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