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The United Kingdom's largest provider of non-governmental funding for scientific research, and one of the largest providers in the world.


Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences fund, develop and deliver training and conferences that span basic research, cutting-edge biomedicine and the application of genomics in healthcare.

The organisation runs over 60 events each year attracting up to 3,500 scientists, clinicians and healthcare professionals to its dedicated Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridgeshire.

The Wellcome Trust approached D2i Systems to develop a bespoke conference management platform which would host and capture all their event and delegate information across the Wellcome Trust portfolio of events.

The system would need to allow delegates to book tickets, take dietary requirements, supply travel information, allow for seminar and speaker submissions and be able to take payments for multiple events in one single transaction.

In addition, the platform would also be able to manage the process of elected delegates who were invited to submit a poster session or ‘lightning talks’.

Why D2i Systems

It was D2i’s experience and strong development team who would provide a truly custom-made end-to-end secure conference system that would be able to handle the specific intricacies of the Wellcome Trust’s conference portfolio.


Poster presentations are unique to conferences with an academic focus and require the ability for delegates to upload abstracts, posters and supporting presentation documents.

D2i provided a unique platform which allowed delegates to upload an image of their poster (with Zoom facility) Power Point slides (for the lightning talks) for the organisers to invite, review and approve submissions with differing levels of outcomes – all supported by an automated email messaging service.

The organisers were given full control of a seminar timings and planning functionality and through a unique web-based application, were also able to manage the delivery of lightning talks onsite at the conference.

In addition, the new platform used AI to track the delegates pre-event online journey identifying purchasing trends and giving recommendations on other conferences that may be of interest, increasing bookings and revenue for other events in the portfolio.

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I have been using D2i systems for 6 years now and in that time the team have continued to work alongside us, making improvements and tailoring the system to suit our needs.

Laura Hubbard Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences

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