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Not for profit – Government Funded.

UCAS “Create your Future” (16-17th October 2017), our solution simultaneously powered delivery of 50 events that attracted over 330 exhibitors and 141,000 visitors annually.


1. Embed a robust, innovative and flexible platform that contributes to UCAS vision of a connected customer community
2. Improve customers experience
3. Identify new commercial opportunities
4. Streamline event delivery


  1. Single system capable of processing complex sites, operational, pre-registration, on-site registration, lead capture & reporting functions.
  2. SmartRegister & E-Net could:
    1. Improve process for teachers to bulk register large student group.
    2. Automate stand sales process and empower exhibitors to action operational tasks via an online portal, simultaneously managing participation at all events.
  3. Integrate with existing IT infrastructure


Engage improved the customer experience automating and streamlining the sales process allowing organisations to book up to 50 events according to a complex sales matrix.

SmartRegister automated and streamlined registration journeys for teachers and student groups improving the visitor experience and perception of UCAS brand.

Engage allowed UCAS to digitally capture PAD demographics from walk-in visitors for the first time. Badging costs were reduced by 82% due to print at home badges.

UCAS independently deployed 1,600 SMARTLEAD apps generating £1.4million. SMARTLEAD allowed exhibitors to prove ROI with live results available for remote teams to review via E-Net.

Engage was integrated with Salesforce, NetSuite and Marketing Cloud contributing to UCAS vision of a connected customer community. Intelligence captured is now available to help UCAS improve the HE application process for over 500,000 students annually.

** The above piece of work won D2i Systems the ‘Event Tech Award 2018’ for ‘Best Event Management Platform’ for the 2nd year running.

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