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Royal Horticultural Society.
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The RHS were tasked with improving how exhibitor & contractor participation and on-site security were managed for over thirty events (including Chelsea, Chatsworth & Hampton Court). Engage-CRM, Engage-ENet and Engage-Onsite were implemented to achieve this objective.

Why Engage:

Whilst RHS wanted to improve their security access control and operational processes they also benefitted from the Engage CRM by gaining a greater understanding of their shows as they could analyse within the Engage database to provide a high level of analysis required by the marketing team.

Over the larger 5 shows 50,000 applicants for the secure zones submitted information via Engage Web and over 500,000 public visitors attended show open where data was captured onsite to build analysis of the profile of each event and portfolio of events. This included those who attended multiple events and in which capacity and into which secure zones and for what periods down to the hour. The intelligence captured was incredible and could be analysed via a dashboard.


D2i provided a full end-to-end event management solution during the 2017 show cycle; Engage, Web, ENet and Onsite powered almost every business process within the events cycle. Engage empowered RHS to deliver the world’s most prestigious flower shows efficiently using a streamlined team due to the automation afforded by using a single platform. RHS now have a richer database of unique contact records and as the platform is utilised each year/show the detailed history of interaction with the show providing the senior team with a unique tool through which to exploit new commercial opportunities.

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