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Intelligent Exhibitions

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Versha Carter started Intelligent Exhibitions in 2006. Bought by Diversified Business Communications seven years later, where Carter is now Group Director, the Intelligent Exhibitions’ model is based around launching/developing science and technology-based events.

"We were a highly productive team because we had really good tech behind us, I make no secret about that," Versha explains. "As a start-up, with remote workers operating independently, it meant they were all able to keep up with everything everyone else was doing, throughout."

"When Diversified Business bought Intelligent Exhibitions, they came and looked at our systems and were very impressed with what Engage could do."

"Using D2i tech meant it was possible to appear much bigger than we actually were as a business in terms of our digital sophistication and communication."

"Most exhibition companies tend to work in little silos with their own systems, Engage brings everything together."

"We were using the most sophisticated software when we started Intelligent Exhibitions and, switching over to Engage 13 years later, we still are.

"It was just me at the beginning and, thanks to the team and to D2i Systems, nobody had any idea the company was so small. Everything was integrated to a highly professional standard."

"Intelligent Exhibitions has been a part of Diversified Business Communications for five years now and we’re still able to work with the software effectively, whichever direction we take."

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