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Manage your sales pipeline and close more business with ease



Engage Sales Module allows your business to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to sales lead management. With pipeline status management tools through to contracting and invoicing it is an easy way to manage your day-to-day sales process across the business.

Engage Sales: Key Features

  • Identify Sales Leads by
    • Pipeline stage
    • Conversion expectation
    • Salesperson
    • Show or event
    • Date of next action
  • Forward action sales lead communication
  • Create notes to a sales lead
  • Multiple points of contact for any sales lead
  • Creation of sales teams
  • Delegation of sales leads between team members
  • Identify sold & free stands
  • Overall show targets: m2 & revenue
  • Individual sales team member targets M2 & revenue
  • Document provisional sales opportunity
  • Create initial contract outlining products & service offering
  • Document contract change revision
  • Allocate stand & space to contract to prevent duplicate booking
  • Report on current sales activity via pipeline
  • Automatically create sales orders when contract received
  • Automatically include mandatory products & service with new contracts
  • Standardised discount
  • Specify billing schedules for individual contract line items
  • Custom billing schedules for unique selling purposes
  • Multi-currency
  • Contract delivery via Email
  • Track lost sales leads & reason for the loss

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We were using the most sophisticated software when we started Intelligent Exhibitions and, switching over to Engage 13 years later, we still are.

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