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Farnborough International Airshow

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Farnborough International.
Private Trade Exhibition Company.


To deliver an end-to-end technical solution that centralises and automates all aspects of the Farnborough International (FIL) business and event planning process; sales, marketing, finance, operations & registration. The solution must be available in real time with 24/7 access and automated where possible to allow a small event team to manage 140,000+ visitors, exhibitors & contractors to the Airshow(s).

Why Engage:

Engage allows each department of FIL (sales, marketing, finance & operation) to centrally manage their data, communication and business processing & planning of the Farnborough Air Show. Ultimately the solution is to provide the FIL executive team with a full overview of the business, providing business intelligence.


The technical solution provided forms part of an overall end-to-end solution with a partnership between FIL and D2i to also deliver hardware, security access control, staffing & project management to deliver on multiple events including the Bahrain Air Show.

** The above piece of work won D2i Systems the ‘Event Tech Award 2014’ for ‘Best Technology Partnership’ with Farnborough International.

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