Registration & Onsite Services

The uniqueness of D2i’s approach to registration is in our back office tools & database work, in the B2B world we all know that today’s visitor could be tomorrow's exhibitor therefore not only does our database systems centralise registration types into one database but also multiple events. This means that organisers can look at their data in silos i.e. visitor, delegate, exhibitor or cross reference their data year-on-year, registration type by registration type!


For all your pre-show requirements.

  • Web Registration Page

  • Exhibitor Handbook

  • Dashboard Reporting

  • Data Import/Export

 Reg "Out of a box"

Do it yourself and save money.

  • Online Registration Page

  • Onsite Software

  • Onsite Hardware

  • Badge Materials (300)

 Managed Service

Let us take care of all your requirements.

  • Online Registration Page

  • Based on 4,000 Visitors

  • Based on 300 Exhibitors

  • Onsite Hardware & Staff