We pride ourselves on being a software technology company supplying the events industry with products that automate and deliver key business intelligence.

We understand that every event is unique and therefore adopt an approach that allows our customers to design their own solutions; whether this is a change on an existing product or a completely new project from concept to delivery. Our in-house skill set means we can be agile with our solutions.

Custom Solution - SO Group

Objective to deliver a solution which allows the SO Group to centralise their sales processing and also resource plan all staff & services within one database solution.

Context SO Group defined a requirement for a group wide CRM system that will provide a single platform for the subsidiaries to operate from.

This will provide a true corporate approach to customer relationship management, efficient financial reporting, sales and marketing activity and operational delivery.

Solution Two applications; the first D2i’s core sales module known as FCPro and the second a tailored resource planning portal, both tied back to a centralised database which is fully integrated with in-house finance systems.

Key Deliverables:

  • To replace certain functionality of the incumbent system and to integrate where appropriate with the remainder.

  • To ensure D2i’s "off-the-shelf" CRM integrates with the incumbent system where required

  • To deliver a solution that brings enhanced functionality, process efficiencies and improved collaboration with customer and suppliers.

  • Shorten the supply chain.

  • To provide a seamless experience at all levels.

  • To be able to provide a high degree of transparency to management, suppliers and customers.

  • To provide clear management information on service supply thereby enhancing the offering to customers.

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