Online Tools

D2i have several online registration platforms delivering solutions to small, medium and large event companies:

  • Basic web page - collection of basic registration data for marketing analysis and badge production.

  • Basic web page with invoicing & payment gateway - collection of basic registration data for marketing analysis and badge production with automated web invoicing and payment integration with SAGEPay, WorldPay, PayPoint, Bibit and others

  • Multi-event platform - one web platform to manage all events uniformly, this includes content management, site builder and price management

  • Conference web page - collection of basic registration data for marketing analysis and badge production with management tools to promote discount rates, quantitative pricing and bespoke price matrixes

  • Visitor Network (VNET) - allows profiling of registrants and access to the network to upgrade, organise meetings or plan an onsite visit

 Exhibitor Network (ENET)

The "" of the events industry, allowing exhibitors to order everything they need for the event, the one-stop-shop which includes; registration & parking passes, catalogue editorial, stand designs, electrics, furniture, rigging, freight, telecoms & data, delegation bidding, meeting rooms, agency staffing, press releases, B2B appointments/meetings and much more

  • Stores - the back office to all online orders, allowing organisers, venues and contractors access to customer orders and payments

  • Passport - a simple online tool which allows customers to re-register people or re-order items from a previous year’s history or an event within the same portfolio, saving on time and duplication of effort

 Call for Papers

An online tool allowing the collection of data, documents and links to evaluate abstracts for conferences, workshops or meetings.

 Team Rooms

A great accompaniment to call for papers, the ability to post any papers/abstracts up to a web portal that allows a committee to download, review and score from anywhere in the world

 Exhibitor Lists

Dynamic management of each exhibitor profile allowing the exhibitor and organiser to upload logos content, products and services, as well as an integrated product locator & virtual catalogue

 Meeting Programme

An extension of the exhibitor list which allows managed meeting requests for visitors to exhibitors & exhibitors to exhibitors

 Stand Booking

For all sales enquiries and online bookings this online portal will aid in the sale of any event products

 Content Manager

All our online products come with the ability to manage content, pricing, discounts & much more

 Survey Manager

A simple online survey tool with a design tool built-in, the real power is its ability to link in with any data in the back-office.

 eBadges or eTickets

A common requirement in this digital age is to be able to provide an immediate badge or ticket online allowing managing access to an event or conference. All built into our automated systems