Case Studies
F1 Online Security System

To deliver a solution which will allow the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) to collect internal and external data via the D2i online platform, verify applications on a 3 tier verification process and then finally print an access badge or pass.

Context: Delivery of the above is a short term project to allow the BIC to automate and control security access to the Formula 1 event, beginning the verification process from the 1st March 2013. A SharePoint solution has been in place but it is based on the trust of current employees to follow the process, the D2i solution will allow a strict and controlled process to be managed.

Timescales: the solution is required to be in place for the 1st March 2013, ready for verification to start, the solution is required to be up and running for several months each year prior to the F1 event.

Fully Managed Service

to deliver an end-to-end technical solution that centralises and automates all aspects of the Farnborough International (FIL) business; sales, marketing, finance, operations & registration. The solution must be automated where possible to allow a small event team to manage 140,000+ visitors, exhibitors & contractors to the Airshow(s).

Context: The solution will allow each department of FIL to centrally manage their data, communication and business process. Ultimately the solution is to provide the FIL executive team with a full overview of the business, providing business intelligence.

The technical solution will form a part of the overall end-to-end solution with a dependency on D2i to also provide, hardware, security access control, staffing & project management to deliver on multiple events.

Timescales: the solution is to form part of a long-term partnership over a 5 year contract, allowing FIL to utilise the software solution 24/7/365 and depend on D2i for hardware, staffing, consultancy & project management where required.

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Conference Management

to provide a solution to the Wellcome Trust's in-house event team allowing them to manage up to 80 conferences a year. The solution must cover:

Centralised online booking system with payment, hotel management & dietary requirements.

Back office module allowing the organising team to manage payments, badge production & data.

An onsite solution to self-manage delegates upon arrival to the venue.

The above is required to be self-managed within the Wellcome Trust's campus and have very little or no dependency on D2i once the solution is delivered.

Context: the solution is to allow the Wellcome Trust conference team to work on efficient systems which will greatly reduce the dependency on a registration contractor, enabling them to work on 80 events per year without the overhead of a contractor onsite.

Timescale: A rolling system which can be worked on 24/7/365 by the Wellcome Trust conference team.

Self Managed Registration

To deliver an “out the box” solution which allows the onsite operations team to simply arrive onsite with a small case including:

Hardware(Laptops, Printers & Scanners)

Materials(Badge stock)

Software(managing badge production, data entry & onsite stats)

Context: a solution to allow the team to self-manage a number of conferences held around the world onsite, professionally and efficiently without the overhead of a full registration supplier onsite.

Timescale: To be delivered several times throughout the year anywhere in the world.